Aluminium products.

Aluminium much the same as Stainless steel products is classed as a very useful and important product for the manufacturing of many products. There was once a time when Aluminium was regarded as a precious material much the same as gold is today, Aluminium wasn’t used for everyday products but was kept for the production of jewellery and ornaments, this was during the middle of the 18th century.

Aluminium is now used for many things including aluminium railings for staircases much the same as stainless steel handrails and balustrades systems.

During the late 18th century Aluminium was being manufactured in a cheaper way and thus quickly lost its value as a precious material, it was during this time that Aluminium began to be used for other products.

Aluminium is now used in many industries such as the navigational aids industry, aluminium is used in car parts and for many items in and around the home. Aluminium plays a large role in the marine industry and is used for hulls, commercial ships and for items such as ladders, windows and doors.

One advantage Aluminium products have over stainless steel products is the weight, Aluminium is a lighter material which makes it an ideal solution for the marine and navigational aids industry.

Weight plays a huge part in the marine industry and aluminium products provide an ideal solution, less weight means less power and thus less payload and higher capacity.

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