Stainless steel welding.

Stainless steel welding plays a huge role in the manufacture of many products and the type of stainless steel will determine the techniques involved in the welding of stainless steel.  The food industry and the navigational aids industry are just a few of the industries that use special techniques to weld stainless steel for various purposes.

Different grades of stainless steel are used for different applications and the use of the stainless steel products and the environment they are in will determine the grade used. Stainless steel used in exterior applications in coastal areas would have a high grade in order to maintain the stainless steel material.

Tig welding is commonly used for stainless steel products with the use of the grade 204 and 308, these grades are used in many applications within the food industry. Stainless steel tanks are manufactured and welded in such a way that ensures they will not rust or corrode. Stainless steel is a common material used for many applications because of its rust free capabilities; this is largely due to chromium which combined with steel stops the steel from rusting and corroding. When stainless steel is welded, the joints of the weld make the material susceptible to rust. Any welding carried out is done so professionally to reduce rust occurrence.

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