Stainless Steel and Architectural products.

Stainless steel is an extremely versatile product and many things can be made from it, stainless steel sculptures can be made on a small scale or can be magnificent works of art with attention to detail which the most important aspect of any sculpture.

Using stainless steel and working closely with customers, designs can be created and tailored to suit any needs. Imagination is used to create works of art that range from the smallest pieces of art to the most elaborate works of art.

Stainless steel sculptures can be tailored and designed for exterior environments or interior environments.  Large indoor sculptures can take pride of place in large entrance halls and home owners can create large impressions in gardens and tranquil outdoor spaces.

Stainless steel sculptures will also often be seen in public places such as large public gardens and parks and many sculptures will be part of an extra feature such as a water fountain. The stainless steel grade is often high in order for its longevity and exposure to water.

Stainless steel sculptures are not always large and elaborate and can be small pieces of art that are suited to indoor environments and many companies will work with home owners in order to create pieces of art.

Outdoor sculptures have to withstand many external factors such as weather and pollution and often high grades are used but also different finishes are created to give different looks and stainless steel can be left in its natural colour or be rusted which gives rich brown colours and is magnificent in certain lights.

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